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Do You Provide Dangerous Goods to Transport Companies? Do you Load and Transport Dangerous Goods by Road?
By Law you need to APPOINT A


We are a Dangerous Goods Safety, Transport and Security Training provider, and Advisory Consultancy. We offer Dangerous Goods safety Coverage and Security training for your Company to meet the Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations and ADR 2009 Requirements. We can also offer advice and help in most aspects of Transport Logistics and Law and offers 24/7 safety advice to clients.

Dangerous Goods Safety Coverage

Training courses

SECURITY TRAINING:Expert Dangerous Goods Consultancy DANGEROUS GOODS TRAINING:Tailor made training

We also advise on:

International Transport, Drivers Hours Training, 24 Hour Emergency Assistance and Advice Line, Dangerous Goods and Radioactive Goods Driver Hire, European Toll Systems, German “Toll Collect” and Monitoring, Radioactive Transport Support Services, Radiation Protection Supervisor Services, Relief DGSA and Traffic Planning Services, Dangerous Goods Waste and Disposal Support Services, Duty of Care Audits, Competent Authority Notifications, Spill and Emergency Assistance, Notifications, Supply of Documentation and labelling, Health and Safety Advise and procedures, Health and Safety Procedure writing, Writing your Transport Security Plan for High Consequence or High Value Goods, Writing your Transport Security Statement

Risk Assessments

Independant Risk Assessments for Dangerous Goods Transport and Storage. Duty of Care Audits.

Air Freight

Level G Air Cargo Security Manager Services , Known Supplier Advice , Level A Staff Security Awareness Training, Level B Driver Security Awareness Training

Classes covered:

Non ADR Licence Dangerous Goods Training.

Limited Quantities, Exempted Quantities and

Class 1


Class 2

Gases and Aerosols

Class 3

Flammable Liquids

Class 4.1

Flammable Solids and Self Reactive Substances.

Class 4.2

Spontaneously Combustable Substances.

Class 4.3

Dangerous when Wet

Class 5.1

Oxidising Substances

Class 5.2

Organic Peroxides

Class 6.1

Toxics and Poisons

Class 6.2

Infectious Substances and Cultures

Class 7

Radioactives, Medical and Commercial

Class 8


Class 9


ADR Chapter 1.10

Security Training


Air Freight

Level A Staff Awareness Training. Level B Driver Training.

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