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radioactive If your company is involved in the carriage of Dangerous Goods by road, and the Dangerous Goods weigh over 1000Kg, or less in some circumstances, The Carriage of Dangerous Goods regulations 2007 define you need to appoint a DANGEROUS GOODS SAFETY ADVISER.

In recent legislature this now includes vehicles under 3500Kg.

DGSA-CPC Limited can offer you Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser services at Competitive prices.

New Dangerous Goods Security Regulations are now in place whereby if you transport over 1000 Kg (or less in some circumstances) your company must have a Transport Security Policy, and all staff must have Security Training.

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Downloadable Training Videos for transport and Security of Dangerous Goods.

Video Training Packages for on-site Video Training at your premises.

Driver CPC Advice.


We can provide services (in addition to our › training) to address the following:

Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Consultancy

We can provide a full Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Coverage and Certification to your Company to advise your company on all matters of the Transport of Dangerous Goods, Nationally and Internationally. This advice we provide to Manufacturers, Suppliers, Freight Forwarders, Transporters, and Individuals at realistic rates. Call us for an assessment of your requirements.


Advice on European Transport, the German "Toll Collect" systems, the Benelux "Vignette" and European Toll Systems.


Please see the Training page for full details.

Dangerous Goods advice and systems

For ALL CLASSES of Dangerous Goods as defined in the United Nations ADR 2009 Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations. UN Number Specific Regulation Scenarios for all UN Numbers, including Document Information.

24 hour advice line

To drivers of clients who have concerns with any matter of dangerous Goods, be it Documentation, Compatibility, shipping, security or safety issues.

Port/Customs Assist

If you or your driver is stuck at a shipping or ferry port , DGSA-CPC Limited can assist in Presentation of Dangerous Goods documents to the ferry services to progress your drivers shipping.

Dangerous Goods Documentation Services

For companies shipping Dangerous Goods by road or sea.

DGSA Holiday Relief Coverage

For your In House Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser for your company, on the occasion of your in house DGSA being unavailable.

Safety Co-ordinator Services

For Hazardous Goods Incident and Spill Management Procedures, including Reporting to the Competent Authorities.

Relief Driving coverage

Relief Driver Coverage for Dangerous Goods of all Classes including Radioactives, (except Explosives)and up to Category III NISR Standards.

High Value Goods Safety And Security

For advice and training on all matters regarding the carriage of High Value and High Consequence Cargo.


As required when handling Radioactive Goods: training and Company Procedures necessary for the carriage of Radioactive Goods by Road, notifications where necessary to European Countries, the "TRANSPORT SECURITY PLAN" required, together with load security advice and Vehicle Monitoring.

Office of Civil Nuclear Security (OCNS)

Presentation to the Office of Civil Nuclear Security (OCNS) required for the Carriage of Category III Radioactive Material, as defined in the Nuclear Industry Security Regulations.

Risk Assessments

Independant Risk Assessment for Dangerous Goods Transport and Storage, which may be required for your Insurance Purposes. This Service also available to Insurance Companies.

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