Training with DGSA-CPC Ltd.

DGSA-CPC Limited offers Training in all Aspects of Dangerous Goods.

Your First Company full Dangerous Goods Training Session Day comes Free with your first years Consultancy Coverage. To save your costs your training sessions can be given at your Premises, and training is also available over a weekend so as not to disrupt your weekly working patterns.

The DGSA-CPC Dangerous Goods Training Session covers all Classes of Dangerous Goods, and will supply a Comprehensive 40 Page Training Manual to each Participant, to work with through the course and add as an aide memoir after the course. All Participants are given the facility to call the DGSA after the training session if they have any questions or uncertainties in their line of work. All training is certificated and training record sheets created for your Personnel Office.

Training Certificates will be valid for 2 Years, and will be accepted as Awareness Training for Staff and Drivers of Dangerous Goods under the Threshold of full ADR Regulations.

We understand that not all companies will want training on all classes of Dangerous Goods, so DGSA-CPC Ltd can adapt our training sessions to suit your company’s products. Training is also adapted to the position of the participant, so as to make all Dangerous Job Function Specific too. Training can be split, so as awareness training can be done in one

Training Room, session, and then the function specific training can be at the various workplaces of the participants.

Training is made as easy to understand as possible, and participants are invited to interject, speak easy, during the course to ensure full understanding of the subject for their roles. Fork Lift Drivers will require different training and have different questions to document clerks, for example.

DGSA-CPC Ltd prides itself on having 30 Years of Experience and learning to draw upon in most fields of Transport to make training Entertaining and Informative, and feel it is the responsibility of the Tutor to make the subject rewarding and memorable.

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Training Subjects available with DGSA-CPC Limited

Courier Driver Training.

Non ADR Licence Dangerous Goods Training and Certification for Couriers and Drivers working below the Full Dangerous Goods Regulations requirements. (e.g.Transport category III, 1000 Kg).

Full Dangerous Goods Training

Dangerous Good Safety Awareness Training , in all Classes, for Office, Warehouse Staff and Driver awareness, including Spill Procedures and Fire training.

Transport Security Training

Dangerous Goods Transport Security Training and Certification, for the Security and Safety of the Driver as well as the Cargo. This Training meets the standards of VOSA for Chapter 1.10 ADR 2009 Security Training.

High Value Transport

High Value and High Consequence Dangerous Goods Training and Procedure writing.

Drivers Hours

Drivers Hours and Digital Tachograph Training.


Radioactive Goods Transport Training, up to Nuclear Standard.


International Driver Training Introduction, European Road charging, including Vignette and German”Toll Collect”Systems.

Air Cargo

Training is Planned for Drivers Air Cargo Training upon acceptance of our Training programme by the Department for Transport.

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